From Residents, Friends and Family of
Casa de Modesto

I cannot thank you all enough for the way in which you cared for my mom Rosie Valdivieso on the last year of her life. She left this world on October 2nd to be with Jesus.
I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the Skilled Nursing staff for showing such love, care and kindness to my mom during her stay there.
Her last week was in Hospice care, and your staff made her very comfortable and you never complained to us with so many family members coming in and out all week and allowing us to stay in her room overnight with her.
Thank you Casa de Modesto, you are the best care facility in Modesto.
Thank you again truly from the bottom of my heart.
Patsy Sanchez, Rosie’s daughter

P. Sanchez (2018)

“Looking for a place to live with friends, activities and good care? Casa de Modesto is the place to live. The staff is warm, loving, friendly and helpful. We enjoy the many activities, food and exercise along with the feel of a family community. From the roomy apartments to Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing, Casa de Modesto is the place to live.”

JoAnn and Betty

This is the only place I ever want to be , if I can’t be at home❤️ The staff are true Angels, they cared for my mother like their very own ❤️😘
Anita Zarate

“When I moved to Modesto, I moved directly in to Casa de Modesto Independent Living and have lived here for 14 years. I feel that Casa de Modesto offers good care, personable staff and a great gardener. Living in Independently Living, I can take advantage of the amenities, Casa de Modesto Activities and doing my own things which gives a lot of choices.”

Pat R.

As a new face to most of you as a Residential care LVN, I started my career at Casa de Modesto in 1993, as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), fresh out of high school. I worked about 8 years as a CNA and 2 years as an LVN. It has been 15 years and I am excited to be back. It feels like “home”. My grandmother lived at Casa de Modesto, initially in the apartments, then moved to the different levels to Residential, Casitas and eventually to Skilled Nursing. She loved her time at Casa de Modesto and was always in good hands. My great grandmother even spent some time living here. I am looking forward to getting to know and care for all of the residents.

Jennifer B.

A Note of Thanks
Exerpts from Neva's family...
Neva was so thankful that she selected Casa de Modesto to be her home. The fact that every level of care is available at the same facility was so helpful to her and to our entire family. In every location, Neva was happy, particularly because her friends could always find her and continue to visit. "During her final hours, we are grateful that she was in the nursing area with people who knew and loved her, rather than in a hospital room. Whether it was in her independent apartment, the guest cottage, her Assisted Living apartment or skilled nursing, Casa de Modesto was her home, and the residents and staff were her extended family."
(Editor’s note: Thank you for such a nice tribute. Neva was a very special lady who accepted her journey in life and continued to be thankful. Rest in peace Neva. You are truly missed.)

Nancy H. (2018)

“We can’t express how grateful we are for how lovingly you all cared for our mother. Your dedication, kindness and especially your patience while caring for our mom was unwavering even when she sometimes gave you reason to not be so patient with her…..She really did feel your love for her from beginning to the end….”

Beverly’s family (2017)

“I was a volunteer at Casa de Modesto for 21 years. The physical surroundings, flowers, trees and plants are what drew me here when choosing my retirement home. I love walking and and the solitude it affords me.”

“My favorite thing about Casa de Modesto is the people. I really feel at home. My two sisters lived here before me and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

“The entertainment and activities here at Casa de Modesto are what keep us young. And the food is the best. I love that my wife was able to be with me here until her passing, even though we were in two different levels of care.”

“I love the people here. I have made wonderful Christian friends. The environment, the flowers and the greenery make me feel very secure and peaceful. “

“There is not a thing I would change about Casa de Modesto. It’s home. I’ve worked in the gift shop and have many friends here, some of whom go back to school days. I love that my family can come and stay with me when they visit.”

“There is so much to do here, but you don’t have to do anything. I have made so many new friends, and have always felt safe here. It is quiet and peaceful, and I just love it. After looking at many other places, Casa de Modesto was the best.”

“My mother received the very best care at Casa. The staff treated us like family. When Mother passed the staff was kind and shed tears with us. I wish all care facilities were like Casa de Modesto,”

“My mother and mother-in-law both lived at Casa de Modesto for many years. In all that time I felt that Casa de Modesto was a second home, and that does not “just happen”. It is an achievement that is a continual conscious effort by the entire structure of Casa de, from the Board, the Administrator and the staff. It is the heart of Casa de Modesto…the smile, a greeting, a touch, a nod, or a hug. Every single employee and volunteer at Casa de is part of the heart, part of the giving, part of the love and caring.”

“We would like express how appreciative we are for the exemplary care afforded our mother. Over the years she lived in the apartments, transitioned to assisted living, and spent her final days in the nursing unit. During her time at Casa de, our family was always pleased with her appearance and care. Staff was always polite and respectful with an abundance of care and compassion. We cannot say enough good about your staff, at all levels.”

“I continually felt that my Mom was getting outstanding care. The staff always treated her with dignity, quality, professional care and with a positive, up-beat attitude and smile. I know she felt good about Casa de Modesto being her home.”

“I would like to express our gratitude for all you did for my mother and the support you gave my husband and I. My mother said you made her feel very special, giving her more attention than she was use to. Everything was always clean and shiny, and the staff always had a smile and that’s why the residents had a smile too. I tell my friends that this is where you want to take your loved ones when they need this kind of help.”

“I cannot fully express my gratitude to Casa de Modesto for the excellent care they gave my Dad in his final year of life. They enabled him to live a full and happy life, even with his limitations. I could tell he felt loved and at peace with his new home and friends at Casa de Modesto.”