C … Cuizine
A … Amazing
S … Satisfying
A … Appetite



Generation to Generation Recipes

In 2016, Casa de Modesto requested recipes for a cookbook that was to be printed for fundraising. Due to the cost, the cookbook was not made but we want to share great recipes that were given for the book. So these are the recipes that were ‘cooked up’ as favorite recipes from the many residents, family and friends who contributed. More recipes will follow each month so keep checking in to see what’s new on our website.

Thank you to all residents, family and friends that have donated their favorite recipes to enjoy by our Casa de Modesto community.

Thanks to Evelyn Pardini for winning the Casa de Modesto recipe title contest.
A special credit to Linda Sook for organizing and typing all of the recipes for your enjoyment.
Watch for more incredible recipes to come each month.