We are staying in very close communication with local and State health officials to ensure we are taking all the appropriate steps under current circumstances. When a resident tests positive for COVID-19, we notify that resident and their representative(s) of their condition and implement protocols for their care and treatment. Due to privacy requirements, we cannot divulge specific information about the individuals who have confirmed or suspected COVID-19, unless they are your family member and you have the necessary permissions to receive such information. Casa de Modesto has developed a mitigation plan that has been approved by the State and are following these plans as designed for prevention and protection of all such as;

Enhanced infection control precautions including: handwashing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers wearing face masks, covering coughs and six feet social distancing.

  • Screening residents, staff, and essential visitors for symptoms related to COVID-19 including the recommended temperature checks with all individuals prior to entering the facility.
  • Restricting all non-essential visitation and entry of people to the building.
  • Testing staff and residents for COVID-19 based on current protocols and availability of tests.
  • Cancelling, postponing or carefully limiting communal activities including social distancing and other infection control precautions.

We strongly encourage our staff and residents to continue to follow the recommended preventative actions while within the facility as well as publicly in the outside community, including wearing facemasks at all times, practicing regular handwashing and social distancing for infection prevention and control. Please know that we are adhering to guidelines from the local and State health departments, which continue to evolve as we learn more about this virus. We will continue to provide you with updates. For assistance with coordinating a time to connect with your loved one or if you have questions, please contact us at (209) 529-4950.

January 2021 Updates

To Our Residents and Responsible Parties: We are providing you with an update regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) within Casa de Modesto and the efforts we are undertaking to help mitigate the spread of the virus within the facility. Below are the numbers of COVID-19 cases within our facility reported since May 8, 2020 (when the federal government issued reporting requirements)

The safety and well-being of our residents and staff is our top priority. We are doing what we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 within Casa de Modesto. We will continue to provide you with updates.

January 28 Covid Update

Casa de Modesto COVID-update-01-28-2021

January 15 Covid Update

Casa de Modesto COVID-update-01-15-2021

January 13 Covid Update

Casa de Modesto COVID-update-01-13-21

January 08 Covid Update

Casa de Modesto COVID-update-01/08/2021

January 02 Covid Update

Casa de Modesto COVID-update-12-29-20