Meet a new friend. Get fit. Stay relaxed. Create something. Make a difference. Be yourself.

You spent a lot of years making all the big choices – career, family, relationships, finances – to get where you are today. Now the choices become more interesting. The life you hoped to enjoy in the future is actually unfolding right now. The question is, how do you ensure you’re living it to the fullest.

We’re ready to help you embrace the possibilities. We are the place where you can stay even as your needs may change. Independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, – we have it all in one place. Your needs may change, but your friends and staff won’t, if you choose to meet your future here.

Casa de Modesto is celebrating serving the community for 50 years! Celebrations planned for this year include a Mardi Gras , May senior gala, participating in the 4th of July Parade, hosting the Chamber of Commerce After Hours event in June, Fall fundraiser and several open houses. Watch for more details in the Events section of our website.

As Casa de Modesto  looks forward to the next 50 years there will undoubtedly be many more changes, but at the center of those changes remains the solid foundation of fellowship that makes Casa de Modesto “a home to come home to” for countless seniors.


AVAILABLE NOW!  ASSISTED LIVING ROOMS.  CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TODAY! These private rooms are great for individuals who need limited assistance in some daily living activities.  Basic services include meals, assistance with medications, bathing and housekeeping.